What to Consider Before Renting Your Noosa Home

What to Consider Before Renting Your Noosa Home

What to Consider Before Renting Your Noosa Home

Opting to rent a home instead of purchasing it outright can be a practical choice. This strategy can be especially wise if you do not plan on living in the area for the long-term, want to minimise maintenance, and want to build your credit. If you are you looking to rent a home in Noosa, here are a couple of other things to consider.

How Mobile Do You Want To Be?

Renting a house gives renters the luxury of mobility. For instance, if you are single and travel a lot for work, it may not make sense to invest in a house that you won't use frequently. Plus, you won't be around to handle day-to-day tasks like garbage disposal or household repairs.


That same consideration goes for your lifestyle. If you aspire to travel around Australia or the world, a house is going to be a financial and unnecessary strain. Opting for a rental home provides the luxury of extra cash in your pocket when it comes to dining, entertainment, and other attractions while out of town.

What Are the Costs?

The cost of rentals every month is only one price to consider. You will also want to factor in the utilities and other fees. For instance, you may be paying several hundred dollars more each much if you are the one responsible for the water, Internet, sewer, garbage, and gas bills.


Rentals may also come with fees that typical homeowners do not have to handle. That can include paying extra to have a pet or a parking spot. There is also the security deposit to add to the overall costs of the rentals.

Location, Location, Location

The fundamental rule of real estate is that location is everything. It is what dictates your commute to work, visits with friends, and weekly nights on the town. Here are a couple of questions to ask about the location of the rental:

  • What is the neighbourhood culture and vibe?

  • What are the tax rates?

  • What are the crime rates in the area?

  • What are the local ordinances?

  • How is walkability?

  • How close are the parks, shops, and other attractions that interest me?

  • Is there public transportation nearby?

Who Is Responsible for Maintenance?

One of the benefits of renting a home instead of a traditional apartment is access to a yard. Keep in mind, you may be responsible when it comes to mowing the grass, edging the lawn, and trimming the hedges. Information about whether you or the landlord takes care of those tasks should be in the lease.

What Are My Other Options?

There will be no shortage of places to rent. The key is finding a house that meets your needs and preferences without requiring significant (or hopefully any) sacrifices. Renters can compare and negotiate on a variety of issues, including the lease term, eviction policy, general rules, due dates for rent, and pet policies. Make sure you are aware of and consent to these guidelines before signing.